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Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin Classic and the second most powerful cryptocurrency of the world. Created in 2017, it brings sound money to people and lives up to the original promise of Bitcoin as peer-to-peer electronic cash. Since this system is supported by blockchain technology, it processes, verifies and records electronic transactions without depending on third parties like financial institutions. Not only this, elimination of third party involvement results in secure transactions and lower transaction costs.

Bitcoin Cash comes with a block size limit of 8 MB compared to Bitcoin’s 1 MB. The benefits of having a larger block size include the following:

  • The network can accommodate more users, which means a larger number of payments can be made by retail buyers and sellers.
  • Increases transaction throughput.
  • Leads to faster transactions.
  • Reduces transaction fees.

The benefits of investing in Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is used by a large number of people around the world for making payments. The reasons why it is chosen over conventional fiat money include:

  • It is hard to counterfeit.
  • Bitcoin Cash transactions are validated by a network.
  • It is easy to store and easy to send
  • The senders and recipients can stay anonymous

Where to buy BCH in Australia?

KryptoXchange offers a platform to buy Bitcoin Cash in Australia, making it easier for you to get your digital money. Once you have decided to buy Bitcoin Cash, all you need to do is create an order and the rest of the process flows smooth.


KryptoXchange transactions are processed within minutes once an order has been created, so you can Bitcoin Cash in your account really fast.


We take pride in bringing to you a network that runs without any congestion. It means you can buy your Bitcoin Cash without any interruption.


Our platform is designed to serve both technically good and not so technically savvy people, so it is easy to understand and easy to use.


Your security is utmost important to us. We allow only authenticated users to log on to our platform and access their accounts.

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