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Eth-Classic, also known as Ethereum Classic or ETC, is a split from Ethereum, an existing cyrptocurrency. It offers the same features as Ethereum, including the creation and deployment of decentralised applications and smart contract, and has same specifications, like average block time, reward and size. Eth-Classic comes with a community that supports blockchain immutability, which means that any theft or error in the chain stays forever, without any scope of trackbacks. It helps maintain an accurate record without unauthorised alterations.

The price development of Eth-Classic

At first, the price of Eth-Classic faced plenty of supply side pressure since all ether holders received free Eth-Classic tokens post the hard fork. This led many Ethereum Classic opponents to happily dumb their coins to keep the price low and prevent it becoming a competition.

However, as the altcoin market recovered in the initial months of 2017, the price of Ethereum Classic began to soar; it rose from $1.40 to $21.00 from March 1, 2017 to May 24, 2017, yielding a significant 1,400 percent return for its holders in less than three months.

Why should you invest in Eth-Classic?

There are different reasons why you should consider adding Eth-Classic to your cryptocurrency portfolio.

  • The Eth-Classic community has agreed on a new monetary policy, which introduces a hard cap on the supply of this digital currency. According to this policy, the total supply of Eth-Classic would not exceed 230 million, which will help keep its price low.
  • Given that Eth-Classic sticks to an immutable blockchain, one of the crucial features of blockchain technology, it demonstrates real credibility.
  • The recent cryptocurrency has gained a lot of media attention; seeing more institutional investors and high net worth individuals investing in Eth-Classic would come as no surprise.

Where to buy Ethereum Classic in Australia?

Eth-Classic is a preferred investment option for many individuals and retail giants; if you are considering buying Eth-Classic in Australia, you are at the right place. KryptoXchange offers a secure and reliable platform to exchange your currency for Eth-Classic.

Simple platform

Designed using end users in mind, KryptoXchange is a simple platform, where you can easily buy Eth-Classic even if you are not technically-savvy.

Quick transactions

Create an order, enter the amount, make a deposit and watch the magic happening. Our platform processes transactions within minutes, so you get your Eth-Classic in your account fast.

Flexible payment options

We offer two different payment options to our users, you can either make a bank deposit for your payment or pay with POLi.


With KryptoXchange, your Eth-Classic coins are 100% secured. We allow only authenticated users to log on to our platform and access their accounts.

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