No. To buy/sell bitcoin from KryptoXchange, user will have to register, verify email, phone and identity (KYC) then only user will be able to place order with us.

Yes, GST is only payable on the Commission. Detailed breakdown will be sent via email.

Our fees structure for buy and sell is as below:
   - Bitcoin --- 3%
   - Altcoins --- 3%   
- Crypto-Currency transfer fees
Bitcoin-----.001 BTC,
Litecoin -----.01 LTC,
Ethereum ----- .001 ETH,
Ethereum classic ----- .001 ETC,
Ripple----- 1 XRP ,
Bcash ------.001 BCH,
Verge ----.1 XVG,
XEM ---- 4 XEM ,
POWR ---- 10 POWR
TRON ---- 135 TRX
QTUM ----.02 QTUM
DASH ---- 0.002 DASH
ZCASH ----0.005 ZEC
EOS----0.80 EOS
VEN----1.60 VEN

We accept:
  - Bank Deposit (within 4 hours after the transaction is initiated).
  - POLi Gateway Service.( in future release)

Yes, we will send the invoice with breakdown of fees to your email for every transaction done with us.

Below cryptocurrencies are available with us:
  - Bitcoin
  - Ethereum
  - Ethereum-Classic
  - Litecoin
  - Ripple
  - Bitcoin Cash

We have a very simple process:
   - Fill a simple form to create a buy order with us.
   - Check your email for details (if choosing bank deposit).
   - Make a deposit in the bank within 4 hrs after receiving email/ pay through POLi gateway.
   - Receive Cryptocurrency asset (eg. Bitcoin) in your wallet.

We have a very simple process:
   - Fill a simple form to create a sell order with us.
   - Check your email for details.
   - Send the cryptocurrency asset (eg. Bitcoin) to the wallet address mentioned in the mail.
   - We will electronically transfer the AUD amount in your bank account within 24hrs.

We will send the cryptocurrency asset (eg. Bitcoin) to the wallet address provided in the order. The address is 32 characters long. All transactions are irreversible, please make sure that you enter the address correctly.

This depend on your wallet provider and network traffic. It might take 30-40 minutes to confirm when network traffic is high.

A wallet is just like a bank account where you can deposit/withdraw your cryptocurrency assets. It has public and private keys. Public keys are the account numbers which can be shared with people to receive funds and private keys are like your passwords used to make payments.

This depends on your wallet provider and network traffic. It might take 30-40 minutes to confirm if network traffic is high.

We will only send out the cryptocurrency asset (eg. Bitcoin) to the wallet address received with the order. If you found out the mistake at the right time, just cancel the order and place a new order with the correct details.

Yes, addresses are case sensitive. We recommend copying and pasting addresses to ensure all characters and cases match.

We at KryptoXchange don’t offer wallet services as we believe that having customer control their wallets is the most efficient and economical way to keep your bitcoin or Ethereum. We can certainly help with providing you instructions on how to create a Bitcoin Wallet.
A mobile wallet is the easiest way to start using Bitcoin & Ethereum, You can download it from the App store or Google Play and you will be ready to go in minutes.
Whilst not the most secure form of storage, it’s the easiest to use and perfect for your first wallet. There are different free options available in the market which you can use as a wallet. Please see the list below:
   1. https://blockchain.info/wallet/#/
You can also watch a video on how to create a blockchain wallet at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx4vmo1_Pxs&t=9s
   2. https://jaxx.io/
Both are available on App Store or Google Play. Please ensure you read all the instructions before you download and use any wallet. Failure to do so can result in you losing your bitcoin or Ethereum for ever.

There is no option to change the email address so you will have to create a new account using the correct email address.
If you want to use the same phone number previously used then please let us know and we will deactivate the old account which will enable you to use the same phone number.

There will always be a discrepency of around .01 - .1% or more as it depends on the wallet provider you are using. Normally the difference is because of exchange rates between Australian Dollar (AUD) and the currency that your wallet provider is using.

Blockchain transactions are irreversible. The moment we recieve your blockchain asset deposit we send your blockchain assets to your wallet within 30 minutes. We can only accept a method of payment which cannot be reversed after we have sent out Blockchain assets, in Australia, the only payment option which is irreversible in this time frame are cash deposits.

This is dependent on your wallet provider, as a rule of thumb please allow 30-60 minutes before funds change from ‘Pending’ to ‘Received” . Sometimes the blockchain network will experience delays due to high transaction volume.
You can always use a blockchain explorer to independently verify a transaction.

We accept purchases of $200 or more.Our maximum order value is $5000 and we have a daily limit of $5000 per person.If you want to process more than that please do Ask our friendly support team for details.

We continually strive to provide the most competitive rate in the market. If you are getting a better price with another provider, we will give you a discount on our commision for your next purchase.

Email our support team at [email protected] and attach the proof of other service providers price.
The amount must be AUD $850 OR more.
A proof of purchase including AUD paid and Blockchain asset received must be supplied.
The purchase relating to the claim must be made on KryptoXchange and other service provider at the same time and should have the same AUD amount.
All services fees including GST must be factored in.
The other service provider must be based and run out of Australia.

Usually you will receive the money in your bank account within 2-3 business days, depending on the banks and their processing times.
Note: You can only withdraw to a bank account in a name that matches the name listed in your KryptoXchange account identification documents.

The Services we provide are currently unregulated in Australia. However, it is our policy to comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding AML and identity verification (know your customer / KYC procedures), and to detect and prevent the use of our Services for money laundering or to facilitate criminal or terrorist activities. Verification allows us to minimise fraud and keep the price down for you. It also allows us to provide a fast service without any hidden delays.

Email verification : Less than a minute.
Id verification : A few minutes if sufficient and correct information provided. If manual verification is required due to incomplete documentation, it can take 1-2 business days.